COIN CLUBS (only) - a very special deal is being offered at You are invited to put up your Coin Club's very own webpage at this website.

This includes:-

1. Your Coin Club's very own webpage on the internet.

2. Layout of your webpage, including location map, photo or logo of your club (just mail them in for scanning to your webpage)

3. Full approval by your club of all the contents of your club's webpage.

4. A link to a separate webpage with a downloadable club membership application form for viewer to print out and mail in with their check.

5. Your webpage can be updated whenever you want. If a date or venue is changed at the last minute, no problem - just e-mail me or fax me at with the info and it will be put up.

6. A link directly to your webpage from the Coin Yellow Pages Directory under "Collectors Organizations".
(check out the list of Coin Collectors Organizations at -

7. Your webpage address will be sent to all the major internet search engines. So, people surfing the net will easily find your Coin Club.

8. Low cost - just one flat rate of $30 per year (that's only $2.50 per month!!). Just the layout alone could cost more than that by some webpage designers. This cost is for one webpage. Each additional linked webpage, such as one for a membership application form or for your auction information would be an additional $10 per page per year.

9. Your webpage is up on the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for anyone to view it.

If you would like to put your coin club's webpage on the internet, just have an officer of the club e-mail me or fax me at with a message requesting the service and all the information on the club. The webpage will be put up right away.

Or, mail your check (payable to "Paul Edney" and all the information on the club to:

Paul Edney
P O Box 8391
Honolulu HI 96830


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