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One of the most delightful, life-affirming and charming musicals on Broadway is Waitress. This is a kind of a tale about where your dream can lead you. Jenna is an adorable waitress from a really small town, who decides to take an advantage of baking competition and win some money to leave the place where she was born. The audience was deeply touched by the story and musical gained its popularity very quickly. Four Tony Awards nominations were given to the show in 2016. Music and lyrics were written by Sara Bareilles (Grammy and American music award winner). Titular role was given to lovely American actress and singer Jessie Mueller (Carousel, She Loves Me) and the main male role was given to William Popp (Sleep No More, Person of Interest).


Waitress is a famous indie movie (starring Keri Russel), which was shot in 2007. The musical was based on it, and Jessie Nelson was a screenwriter for this amazing play. Diane Paulus (Tony Award winner) as an energetic and enthusiastic director and Sara Bareilles as an outstanding modern songwriter of Waitress gained really high audience reviews scores.


Jenna lives in a very small town. She is suffocated of this boring everyday life and thinks about how to escape from her spouse Earl and this tedious place. But Jenna has a very important thing that can change the life of every person. She has a passion for baking! Everyday she is practicing to become the best baker in town. By a stroke of luck there is a baking contest nearby her town. And that is her chance to be free, to start a new page in the life. Her adorable pies and pastries have already gained the love of people in her town, but now they can show her the path to catch a chance and change her entire life. Jenna is going to win the cash prize, and she is able to do everything for her big dream.
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