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Award Winning Musical "Hamilton" Still Packs In The Crowds.

The engaging hip-hop musical drama Hamilton has taken the world by storm. The Lin-Manuel Miranda production that traces the life of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton has earned a record-breaking 11 Tony Awards out of its total 16 nominations in 2016, as well as a Pulitzer Prize for drama. It continues to make history with long ticket lines lines, a popular Chicago engagement, and a national tour planned to debut October 2017 on London's West End.

The show began with its first sold-out run in 2015 at the Off-Broadway Public Theatre, but has since moved to the Richard Rodgers Theatre. This thrilling epic tale of history and scandal includes an inclusive message of diversity, passion, and the fight against oppression that is just as relevant now as it was in Hamilton's day.

The show centers on the life of Alexander Hamilton who, despite his appearance on the $10 bill and his status as a Founding Father, has been largely ignored in regard to history, with the exception of his infamous and fatal duel with Vice President Aaron Burr.

Hamilton was born in the West Indies, a product of a Scottish immigrant father and a West Indies mother, who was married to someone else at the time. Orphaned by age 11, he traveled to New Jersey in 1772 to begin his schooling. Instrumental in the Revolutionary War, Hamilton ascended through the ranks until he became the aide to George Washington.

From there, Hamilton's story begins in earnest, from his role in creating the Constitution and his installment as America's first Secretary of the Treasury to his involvement in sex scandals and his eventual demise at the dueling hand of his nemesis.

Following Hamilton's historic struggle to overcome adversity, rising from a simple Caribbean immigrant to become one of the most influential men who shaped America, the musical chronicles his crusade to change America for the better.

Creator Lin-Manuel dreamed up the project on vacation, when he picked up a Hamilton biography by Ron Chernow. Impressed by the relatively unknown man that Hamilton was despite his incredible achievements, Lin-Manuel set to work outlining his musical. Miranda felt that a unique blend of hip-hop, rap, and classical music would best represent Hamilton's relentless passion for his life and his work, and that these musical elements would tie the story to today's political and social culture.

In the sweeping epic, raging political debates are morphed into rap battles using samples from Notorious B.I.G, bringing the critical decisions of our nation's history into vivid reality before the audience.

Hamilton has revolutionized the musical genre in a glorious fusion of raw street-style music and grand choruses, which has enraptured audiences across the world. The recently released Hamilton Mixtape has debuted at the top of the Billboard 200, with a reimagined score featuring renown contemporary artists, and proving that Alexander Hamilton's struggle and passion reverberates through all of history and resonates with citizens of the present day. See Hamilton in New York City. Discounted NYC Show Tickets for Hamilton Available Online.

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